Oral health care needs are very important for an overall healthy body. However, the cost of dental treatments are high and difficult to manage for the family. For your best help, the government offers medical dental programs and insurance. Denti-cal is one of the common programs used by people. If you are looking for a dentist that accepts denti-cal or Dentical dentistry, you are at the right place. At Deluxe Dental Oceanside, we make dental treatments very easy for you.

What do you mean by Denti-cal?

Denti-cal is actually a part Medicaid program serving oral needs. This is a social healthcare program with an aim to assist households with low income. The program offers you basic oral care when other insurance programs are very costly. Before you get the treatment under this program, your dental office will check whether you qualify for the program or not.

What is covered under Denti-cal?

Given below are the services received under Denti-cal:

  • Diagnostic and preventative treatment like x-rays, dental cleaning and examination, fluoride treatment, crowns, etc.
  • Teeth extraction.
  • Root canal treatment for front teeth.
  • Full dentures along with repair and adjustments required.
  • Emergency dental care.
  • Orthodontic treatment for qualified children.
  • Prosthetic appliances.

Who is eligible for denti-cal?

In order to qualify for denti-cal, you need to receive Medi-cal first. You can qualify according to your income level if you are elderly or have a disability. You need to have the legal residentship of the United States to qualify for the program. 

Is Denti-cal right for me?

Each healthcare program comes with its pros and cons and so does Denti-cal. You can offer basic dental care to your family at an affordable price range. Although, there may not be enough dental clinics offering this service, causing waiting lists for your treatment.

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