Get the best oral health by Denti- cal dentist near you

Are you new to the word “denti -cal”? It is actually a medical-dental program that serves people with low-income individuals, families, people with disabilities. Finding a denti-cal dentist in Oceanside is confusing and challenging and that is why we wish to make this easy for you. At Deluxe Dental Oside, we are happy to announce that our dental care and dentist accept medical.

If you have your enrollment in Medical, then you already have dental benefits and we would be glad to see you at our dental office. You simply have to book your appointment with us and show your medical card on your visit.

What do you mean by Medi-cal?

Medi-cal is the official nickname of the California Medical Assistance program. This program provides health and dental coverage to patients and families who qualify for this program in California. Earlier, the California State dental health coverage was known as denti-cal and even now many use denti-cal. It actually doesn’t matter whatever people call it. The fact is that the people of California who qualify for the Medi-cal get comprehensive dental coverage and this is a great thing to maintain your oral health well.

Who are all eligible for Medi-cal?

Medi-cal and denti-cal providers offer health and dental health coverage for those who have low income and have minimal ability to pay for health coverage. That includes families, seniors, people having disabilities, children in foster care, women in pregnancy and also childless adults who live in California with very less income and resources.

What does Medi-Cal dental cover?

Medi-cal covers all the medically essential dental care. Given below are the treatments covered by Medi-cal:

  • Dental evaluation of your teeth, gums and mouth of patients under age 3.
  • Performing dental examinations and x-rays of patients.
  • Fluoride treatment to make your teeth stain-free and clean.
  • Dental fillings that cover amalgams and composites.
  • Offering dental crowns that include pre-fabricated and laboratory-processed crowns.
  • Dental scaling and root planing.
  • Treatment for gum diseases and Periodontal maintenance.
  • Root canal therapy for infected and inflamed teeth.
  • Partial and full dentures for people with missing teeth.
  • Tooth extractions for severely damaged teeth.
  • Oral and maxillofacial surgery.
  • Emergency dental services.

Does Medi-cal dental coverage have an annual limit?

Medi-cal has no yearly limit for kids covered dental services and for the adults who are living in a nursing facility. Adults with age 21 years or above, there is a limitation of $1800 to some services per person for every calendar year. However, no limit is set for medical procedures that are essential. To get complete details regarding the Medi-Cal coverage, you can download the Medi-cal dental beneficiary handbook. This book will help you get complete information regarding the coverage, limit and other necessary information.

How to get help with Medi-cal enrollment?

You can receive help from the enrollment centres, enrollment counsellors who have certification and also country offices throughout California. You can also go through the website to get help.

At our dental office, our primary mission is to keep your oral health at its best state. Even if you don’t have Medi-cal or any insurance coverage, we offer different affordable payment plans. You can take care of the oral health of your family, even if you don’t have any dental coverage at our dental offices.

Is denti-cal the same as Medi-cal?

If you are covered under Medi-cal, you don’t have to look for dental care or a dentist that offers denti-cal. At our dental offices, we have the approval to provide covered dental services to Medi-cal beneficiary patients. We are delighted to provide the best care to the denti-cal beneficiaries.

We at Deluxe Dental Oside offer Medi-cal to the patients and are very proud to cover the patients in California. If you or any of your kids are enrolled for Medi-cal, book an appointment with us today and show us your medi-card and we will help you with everything. Feel free to contact us for any queries regarding Medi-cal or denti-cal. Our staff are always ready to help you with and answer all your questions diligently.